Project Brief

May 9, 2008

We are designing a modular lighting system for public spaces.  The deliverables for the end of the project will be a full-scale mechanical installation for the City Hall square, one module of the electronic product along with proposals for other possible uses and installations.  We would like to produce a mechanical model (composed of perforated panels with balls that reveal the holes depending on the force of the wind) in order to show the potential of the system and to create a visual experience within the time frame and budged we are working with.  The electronic module will illustrate the design the ideal installation including wind harnessing technology, materials, form and how modules will fit together to create larger forms.



– Finding the appropriate technology for harnessing wind energy for our purposes.

– Identifying and responding to the key challenges of working with modules, weatherproofing and vandalism. 

– Maintaining a strong correlation between the mechanical and electronic modules in how they function and how they are shaped.


Group Competences

– Independent research.

– Form giving.

– Model building.

– 3D modeling.

– Interest in new materials and use of materials.


Tim Hawkinson

April 30, 2008

Elegant low-tech robots not much light but other good things.

Lighting and Robotics

April 25, 2008

The assignment: to create an intelligent lighting system for a public space using sustainability as a parameter for decision-making.

The blog: a record of the sources of inspiration and process of the group.