My thoughts on the project – quick and dirty… ;)

June 11, 2008

now writing it’s almost a week ago we ended the robot-project. It was a project with a lot of ups and downs. I can without blinking say, that i’ve never been through so many contradicting feelings during a single project; fromt the frustrating and devastating (resulting in sleepness nights) periods of discussion to the loose time in the end when the ‘Joan’-effect kicked in (finishing the project a day before the deadline), to the excitement and true happyness when the working sculpture was actually standing in the square, living up to every expectation i’ve ever had to the concept.
The most important thing i’ve learned from this course is that sometimes you have to take down your own ideas of what would be the optimal and find common grounds within the group – even though it’s not your own optimale concept and ideas, it can turn out to be a great succes in the end!
I really
liked working with a project that’s all about perception. The whole effect relies on the perception of light and dark, and even in shaping the sculpture perception played a huge role: how the brain looks at geometrical constructions.

I’ve gained a lot of usefull experience in teamwork and in endless repeating brainless labour 🙂

I don’t see the course as a succes, but the final product i see as a succes.

I’m too tired to write anymore, so bear with me if any of this is making no sense. And by the way i’m agreeing with Mirona in all of her general points.


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