Tim Hawkinson

April 30, 2008

Elegant low-tech robots not much light but other good things.



Simple Energy into Light

April 30, 2008

The hairy wind collecting surface.


Smart Materials

April 29, 2008

Great reference for materials that react to their surroundings and or generate power.

This waterfall in Reykjavik is made out of metal sequins. When the wind blows, it make the installation look like a real waterfall, with the sound, movement and reflektions.

Ideas from day 1

April 29, 2008

These are some of the first ideas we had after seeing Blade Runner and Future2052


Idea 1: to make glowing footprints follow everybody who walks around in the city. The footprints would keep glowing throughout the day and night to fade away in the early morning. This way it would be possible to keep track of people’s activity and maybe to follow a single individual around in the city.

Idea 2: to make hologram suits for everybody, so people could walk around dressed like what ever they could imagine.

Idea 3: to incorporate touch screens in to the pavement  that would be able to interact with people walking around, possibly showing movies as you walk around. 

Idea 4: to create screens that project different images onto the ground depending on the angle of the light source (could use natural or artificial light, and project fixed or changing images).

Idea 5: to make a mobile GPS systems that would follow each person around as holograph floating in the air. It could also be shown as and arrow in the air showing were each persons were walking towards. It could also be used as a guide for tourists, visualized like a map floating in the air.


Some interesting images that make use of wind power and solar energy… sound and light.


Especially the weather-lores are interessting. text-about-weatherforecast-from-the-internet

Enviromental Artist

April 29, 2008

Diane Maclean is working with temperatur-sensitive coating of steel.